Industrial Dryers ESI 26 - 35kg

18 - 35 kg
Reversing Drum
Humidity Control

• Standard stainless steel drum with large diameter
• Easy-to-use microprocessor: Easy Control
• Radial airfl ow with PowerDry®
- maximal heat transfer
- low energy consumption
- short drying time
• Large door opening (Ø81cm) for easy loading and unloading
• Reversing drum by contacto


• Coin operated version
• Reversing drum by inverter
• Full Control programmer
• Residual moisture control Sensodry®:
- safe drying of delicate linen
- humidity detection in ºC
- ideal in combination with SoftWash®
- ideal for dry cleaners, fire departments
- available on Easy and Full Control
• Possibility and dryers connection to the computer networking.
• Stainless steel front



Technical Data ESI Dryers 26 to 35kg
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