Dry Cleaning Machine OC900

Dry Cleaning Machine
Dry Cleaning
  • Large loading  door.
  • Self –cleaning solvent  tanks , with selectable continuous filtration, window cleaning and permanent level indication.
  • Programmable levels of solvents used during washing cycle ,independent for each different program, without floats with the advantage of eliminating periodic maintenance.
  • Double contact water separator.
  • Double air filter  for full protection of exchangers ,independent button trap. Ecological nylon disc filters plus deco cartridge.
  • Spin filter disc with 14  nylon ecological  filters  plus decolorizing  cartridge filter  (activated carbon - paper).
  • Programmable computer LOGICA 3000.
  • All the main component made of stainless steel  (dry tunnel , Distillatory, distillatory  condenser, separator, filter, button trap , drum).
  • Safety device on each door.
  • Electronic drying control.
  • Danfoss  water saver valve.
  • Security pan.
  • Inverter drive control for basket.


  • Two Ecological  nylon filters plus decolorizing  cartridge filter  (activated carbon - paper).
  • Heat recovery system on the Distillatory (only for electric heating version).



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