Vacuum and Steam Heated Ironing Table OC304

Ironing Table
Ironing Tables
Direct steam or without Boiler

Up-steaming and vacuum finishing table with utility board. Available either with built-in electric steam boiler and vacuum unit or for connection to an external steam and vacuum supply.

OC 304 E:  with built-in steam 7-liter boiler, with standard board (1200x400x250 mm)

OC 304 V: without boiler, with standard ironing board (1200x400x250 mm)


  • Swinging arm with suction and heated sleeve shape
  • Swinging arm with suction and heated egg shape
  • Swinging arm with suction and stainless steel spotting shape
  • Steam gun
  • Steam-air gun
  • Water spray gun with support or water atomizer to be applied on the iron handle
  • Cold spotting gun with receptacle
  • Sliding trolley with balancer with or without lighting
  • Lighting


Technical Data Vaccumm and Steaming Ironing Table OC 304
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