Vacuum, Blower and Steam Heated Ironing Table OC310

Ironing Table
Ironing Tables
Direct steam or without Boiler

Steaming, vacuum and blowing finishing table with utility board. Thanks to its versatility OC 310 ensures high speed whilst maintaining an excellent ironing quality.
The machine is available upon request with pedals on both sides. That is important for blowing when the operator works with the point of the board to the right. OC 310 is studied with two possible attachments for swinging arms with suction and different interchangeable shapes complete with electric steam iron.

  • Swinging arm with suction and heated sleeve shape
  • Sliding trolley with balancer with or without lighting
  • Swinging iron-rest

OC 310 ES 7 lt: with Standard utility board 1300x500x250 mm, with built-in 7-liter boiler and iron

OC 310 ES 16 lt: with Standard-utility board 1200x400x250 mm., with built-in boiler and iron; with built-in 16-liter boiler and iron

OC 310 V: with Standard-utility board 1200x400x250 mm., to be connected to external steam supply. Iron included.


Technical Data Vacuum, blowing and Steaming Ironing tables OC 310
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